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Ars Vitae

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The Gallery Of Bleeding Art

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The Gallery Of Bleeding Art

2015.05.26 Welcome to Wing Studios

We are currently busy at work in Wing Studios in Stockholm recording new material. Stay tuned for updates! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest news.

2014.12.08 Stonehenge festival confirmed!

Diabolical will perform at Stonehenge Festival in Holland on the 25th of July 2015. Other bands performing are Devin Townsend Project, Marduk and Taake among others.

2014.07.10 Mörkaste Småland confirmed!

Diabolical will perform at Mörkaste Småland festival in Småland, Sverige on the 26th of September. Other bands performing are Triptykon, Primordial and Naglfar among others.

2014.06.09 Gamrocken confirmed

Diabolical will perform at Gamrocken, Ludvika, August 2!

The festival takes place August 1-2, and other bands performing include Marduk, Alfahanne, Volturyon among others!

Read more [HERE].

2014.05.28 Phantoms of Pilsen confirmed

Diabolical will perform at Phantoms of Pilsen festival(s), Czech Republic, October 25!

The festival takes place October 23-25 this year, and other bands performing include Souldrainer, Centinex Endezzma, Angantyr, Attic, Posthuman among others!

Read more [HERE].

2014.04.20 Bloodstock confirmed

Diabolical will perform at this year's edition of Britain's finest metal festival - Bloodstock Open Air! The festival takes place between the 7th and 8th of August.

Read more at the Bloodstock website [HERE].

2014.04.08 Oracle video premiere

This is the video for "Oracle" from "Neogenesis".


2013.09.23 Neogenesis album stream available

The new concept album by Diabolical - "Neogenesis" - can be listened to in its entirety via an exclusive album stream presented by Terrorizer. The album stream will only be available for a limited time. "Neogenesis" will be released by ViciSolum Productions on the 27th of September 2013.

The album stream is available [HERE].

2013.09.15 Metamorphosis Video Released

This is the video for "Metamorphosis" from "Neogenesis".


"Neogenesis" will be released by ViciSolum Productions on the 27th of September 2013.

2013.06.11 Neogenesis pre-order

The new Diabolical album - NEOGENESIS - is available for pre-order! Until the end of June we also have special pre-order prices.

Place your order at the Neogenesis website:

2013.05.08 "Into Oblivion" Lyric Video Released

We have now uploaded the full track "Into Oblivion", which is taken from "Neogenesis".

The video is created by Sovka Ivanov, a great video artist that deserves a lot of respect and recognition. We are excited that he made this video for "Into Oblivion" and we hope you will like it.

We have also just launched a minisite for Neogenesis. The video can be viewed there:


"Neogenesis" will be released by ViciSolum Productions on the 27th of September 2013.

2013.04.09 Neogenesis Tour - Second Chapter - Special Line-Up

For the second chapter of the Neogenesis tour DIABOLICAL will perform with a unique line-up, with Carl handling the lead vocals and good friend of the band Harris Sopovic from Warheim filling in on guitar.

This is a result of Sverker not being able to make it for this tour. He has been in the hospital the past 9 days and even if he is expected to get back home soon, he still has a period of rehabilitation at home before being back at 100%.

Sverker comments:

"I just want to say that I'm sorry about not being able to make it for the second chapter of the Neogenesis tour. For 10 or 15 years I have never backed out of a gig for any reason, even less a tour. I've played under the worst conditions you can imagine, and I have played when being very sick on many occasions (the same goes for all the guys in the band). Everybody knows that I'm the last one to back out. But this time it is unfortunately unavoidable.

It feels bad as I had looked forward to this trip and the places we'll play and people we'll meet. But at the same time I feel very proud to be in a band that has the foundation to pull it off and hold the banner high without me.

Make sure you attend to the gigs, as this is the first and only time you will see the band with this line-up. It's gonna be some awesome nights!"

2013.02.27 Major announcement

The new album NEOGENESIS is not an album - it is a book.

There is more to the new album NEOGENESIS than just a collection of songs. NEOGENESIS is also a novel telling the story of the end of the world and what lies beyond. The book is written by guitarist Carl Stjärnlöv and each chapter of the book is represented by a song on the album.

Learn more in the new episode of our studio diary!

2013.02.10 Neogenesis - Artwork and release date revealed

"Neogenesis" - the fifth studio album of Diabolical will be released on the 19th of April.

Guitarist Carl comments on the artwork: "Originally I wanted someone else to do the artwork for us this time since I have done it for the last two releases and I also wanted to focus on the recording. However, in the end we did not find what we were looking for with any artist, so I once again took on the task. I wanted to make something that reflected the philosophical and spiritual aspects of this album and I had a vision of what I wanted. I discussed it with Pär and he and I realised the idea by him making a painting which I mixed with photos of all of us in the band, so what you see on the cover artwork is actually a band photo with all of us combined into one face blended with Pär's painting. On top of that I added a lot of symbols that are significant to the concept of Neogenesis."

2012.12.31 Neogenesis Tour - First Chapter - announced!

DIABOLICAL will tour Europe in March in support of the new album "Neogenesis", which will be released early 2013. This is the first chapter of the Neogenesis tour, and it will be joined by Souldrainer and Warheim. The tour will cover Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany. More dates will be announced soon.

2012.07.23 NEOGENESIS Pre-production teaser released

We have released a five-and-a-half minute long teaser for you to get a glimpse of what's to come. The recording is well under way and the reults are very pleasing so far to say the least. However, it will take a while before we can share any of the actual album material, so we figured we can share some of our demo / pre-production material with all of you out there. I think it will be obvious to everyone now why we are very thrilled about the new album and it is our hope that you can join us in the excitement.

2012.07.03 The new album is entitled NEOGENESIS

We have started the recording sessions for our fifth album entitled "NEOGENESIS".

Apart from being a physiological term, the title "Neogenesis" translates to "new beginning". The word originates from greek and latin and it marks a new beginning for DIABOLICAL in many ways. Furthermore the title has a much more profound significance to the theme and concept of this album.

We entered Necromorbus Studio in June and have already recorded the basics for the whole album.

The full "NEOGENESIS" track listing:

1. Into Oblivion
2. Metamorphosis
3. Oracle
4. Ex
5. World in Silence
6. Reincarnation of the Damned
7. Fields of Nihil
8. Dialogue with the Dead
9. Wolves' Choir
10. The Age to Come
11. Humanitas

The drum tracks laid down are amazing, and we are all very excited about continuing to work on "NEOGENESIS". There are definitely some new flavors to our sound, and most importantly, the song material of "NEOGENESIS" is by far the greatest we've done.

We will continue the recording now at the infamous Necromorbus Studio facilities, with vocalist and guitarist Sverker Widgren producing once again.

Watch the second episode of our Studio Diary here:

2012.06.21 New album title almost revealed

We are currently revealing the title of our new album letter by letter in a competition on Facebook. Win the new album and a t-shirt by guessing what the title is:

[Diabolical Facebook]

2012.05.18 A fresh interview

We invited Sweden Metal to Necromorbus Studio for a sneak preview of some of our new songs. For those of you not fluent in Swedish we suggest Google translate.

The interview can be found [here].

2012.05.16 Diabolical enters the studio!

We are entering Necromorbus Studio in June to begin the recording sessions that are supposed to lead up to the fifth DIABOLICAL album. More than enough material has been written over the past year, so we are right now in process of figuring out what material to leave out. We will try to keep you posted here on the development. The album will be considered finished as soon as it's the GOAT.

Watch our first Studio Diary Episode here:

2011.09.27 Tour completed!

Thanks to all who helped to make this tour a success, and a big thanks to all of you who showed up and banged your heads with us! And of course thanks to the great bands supporting; Deviarem, In Torment I die, Left Hand Path, Stigmhate, Hellcrawler, Retribution, Iblis, Faeces, Evil Warriors... last but not least our good crew and the great Dreamtide Music Management & Agency. Thank for the making the 15 yrs anniversary tour awesome. We ll try to upload some stuff as soon as we can! First some rest...

2011.08.15 15 Years Anniversary Tour

DIABOLICAL will celebrate 15 years of existence by doing some selected European dates in September. Each date will see different local support bands and special guests. Considering the nature of the tour, the band will do more old material than usual, covering all five official records released until now.

"We see this partly as a celebration of the 15 years that was, but mainly as an introduction of the 15 years that are to come. It is a great opportunity to pick up older material, and revisit some good and bad moments from the past. Looking back is only enjoyable to some..." says founding member Sverker Widgren.

17.09. - GER - Hamburg - Revolt! Bambi Galore
20.09. - ITA - Mestrino (PD) - Tacu Tacu
21.09. - SLO - Ljubljana - Channel Zero
23.09. - POL - Krakow - Kazamaty
24.09. - GER - Leipzig - Metal Schuppen

Stay tuned for updates and info!

2011.05.05 Next live show: Protzen Open Air

DIABOLICAL's next live performance will be at PROTZEN OPEN AIR, June 17-19. Other bands playing are GRAVE, INTERMENT, MILKING THE GOATMACHINE, LAY DOWN ROTTEN, etc...
DIABOLICAL will play on Friday at 21.00 oclock.


2011.04.15 Show in Stockholm

Our next assault will be in Stockholm on the 27:th of April. We will play a headline show together with label mates Sectu and Syn:drom. This will be a release gig for the new album of Sectu, called "Inundate". See you there!

2011.04.11 Thank you!

Finally... the busiest people around (that would be us) would like to thank everyone involved in the ARS VITAE TOUR in March! All the local promotors and crazy people at the venues, all the local bands we played with, Dmitry and DRAUGGARD for putting up with us, our very un-Swedish drivers, Andreas at DESTROYER and of course MOG for a great grande finale in Sundsvall, and last but definitely most of all: All you insane people who came to the concerts and totally dominated!! Pics and possibly some kind of tour diary will maybe come soon (feel free to send stuff, any material of any kind is truly appreciated). We will never forget this tour, and we WILL be back!! SCHNEBA!

2011.03.23 Ars Vitae Tour so far

Thanks to everyone who have shown up at our shows so far! You have all been awesome! We are now half way through our tour in Russia and we are having great shows and a great time. Seven gigs left, see you there!

2011.03.17 Ars Vitae tour kicks off tomorrow!

"Ars Vitae Tour 2011" starts tomorrow with the first show in Moscow. Let the crusade begin!

[Diabolical video greeting to Russia]

"Ars Vitae" is now available at Spotify!


Release date for "Ars Vitae" in the US is March 25.

2011.03.03 ARS VITAE TOUR 2011

Finally we can announce the tour schedule of the "Ars Vitae Tour 2011". This is the first headline tour we do since 2009, and we are truly looking forward to it. Most of the concerts will take place in Russia, and will be supported by DRAUGGARD.

w/ Drauggard + special guests

2011.03.18 - rus - Moscow - Paris Concert Hall
2011.03.19 - rus - Saint Petersburg - Vinyl Story club
2011.03.20 - rus - Arzamas - U Bendera club
2011.03.21 - rus - Penza - Zakhvat club
2011.03.22 - rus - Tolyatti - Coalition club
2011.03.23 - rus - Samara - Krater club
2011.03.24 - rus - Ekaterinburg - Luna club
2011.03.25 - rus - Tyumen - ZhaRA club
2011.03.26 - rus - Magnitogorsk - Bunker club
2011.03.27 - rus - Izhevsk - Qwerty club
2011.03.28 - rus - Nizhniy Novgorod - Rocco club
2011.04.01 - swe - Sundsvall - Club Destroyer *

The last gig of the tour is a special concert celebrating MY OWN GRAVE's 10 yrs anniversary as a band. Bear the mark of a new world order! Norwegian SAHG are also performing this evening + local support.

"Ars Vitae" is available now in the EU and the rest of the world through ViciSolum Productions, and will be released in America in March through Abyss Records.

2011.02.13 ARS VITAE OUT NOW!

We have had DIABOLICAL's myspace-site fixed with a whole new design... Check out at

"Ars Vitae" has now been officially released in Europe.




[Metal Temple] (8 of 10)
[Cosmos Gaming]
[Metal Switzerland]
[Heavy Hell]
[] (8 of 10)
[] (4 of 5)
[] (73 of 100)

In addition.. DIABOLICAL will play at Club Deströyer, SUNDSVALL - 1 april with MY OWN GRAVE (10-yrs anniversary) + one more band.

Bear the mark of a new world order!

2011.01.21 ARS VITAE release date moved

The official release date of "Ars Vitae" in Europe has been moved to FEBRUARY 4.

The full track listing of the album:

I. Ortus
II. Sightless 6
III. Infvitabile Fatvm
IV. Eye
V. Rcs (live)
VI. The Gallery of Bleeding Art (live)
VII. Ashes II (live)
VIII.The One Who Bleeds (live)
IX. Under My Skin (live)
X. Vertigo (live)
XI. Extinction (live)
XII. Children of the Mushroom Cloud (live)
XIII.Suicidal Glory (live)
XIV. Ashes
XV. Guidance of Sin
XVI. Deserts
XVII.The Dreaming Dead

Reviews so far:

[Metal Temple]
[Cosmos Gaming]
[Metal Switzerland]
[Heavy Hell]

"Ars Vitae" can be pre-ordered at [CDON]

2011.01.11 New year

Our best wishes for the new year goes out to all our brothers around the world - 2010 was a great year for DIABOLICAL and we are looking forward to 2011.

Photos from the Black Steel Worship tour can be viewed [HERE]

In addition, we can announce that DIABOLICAL are confirmed for a performance in MOSCOW on March 19! More details on this will follow!

For latest updates, join DIABOLICAL on Facebook:

Stay true to the Metal of Death!

2010.12.19 "Eye" single online

The single "Eye" from the upcoming DIABOLICAL CD "Ars Vitae" is now available for download at most bigger download sites, Spotify etc...

"Ars Vitae" will be released in Europe on January 21.


2010.12.08 Back home

We are back after two weeks on the road doing 11 gigs with URN and INTERMENT. It was a great tour, and we wish to express our gratitude to Dreamtide for a great organization, URN and INTERMENT for a good time, the crew, the promotors, and of course all the people coming to the concerts!

2010.11.23 "Ars Vitae" US release confirmed!

"Ars Vitae" will be released in North America by Abyss Records, the home of many cult acts such as FESTER, DIEHARD etc. Beware!

Tomorrow we take off for 11 dates though Europe. See you on the road.

URN - DIABOLICAL - INTERMENT - "black steel worship tour 2010"

24.11 Sweden - Stockholm - Sugarbar

25.11 Germany - Hamburg - Bambi Galore

26.11 The Netherlands - Tilburg - 013 *

27.11 Germany - Wermelskirchen - AJZ Bahndamm

28.11 Italy - Brescia - Decimo Secolo

30.11 Slovenia - Ljubljana - Channel Zero

01.12 Slovakia - Bratislava - Randal Club

02.12 Slovakia - Banska Bystrica - Tirish Pub

03.12 Czech Republic - Slavonice - Kawarna

04.12 Germany - Bitterfeld - Festung

05.12 Germany - Berlin - Blackland


2010.11.02 New CD - "Ars Vitae" - January 21, 2011 !!!

We are very proud to announce the release of a new CD, "Ars Vitae", which will be out January 21, 2011.

"Ars Vitae" contains 17 tracks; both new studio recordings produced at Necromorbus Studio during this year, and previously unreleased recordings.

One track from the record, "Eye", is available for download at and at Youtube:

We are looking forward to have this record out and even more to tour Europe again.

"Ars Vitae" will be released by ViciSolum Productions. It will also be released in the US around the same time.

Current tour schedule:

12.11 Ger - Greifswald - Klex (w/ KATHAARSYS a.o.)
13.11 Ger - Emden - Ear Terror Festival (DIABOLICAL headline Saturday)

URN + DIABOLICAL + INTERMENT : Black Steel Worship tour 2010

24.11 Sweden - Stockholm - Sugarbar *
25.11 Germany - Hamburg - Bambi Galore
26.11 The Netherlands - Tilburg - 013 **
27.11 Germany - Wermelskirchen - AJZ Bahndamm
28.11 Italy - Brescia - Decimo Secolo
30.11 Slovenia - Ljubljana - Channel Zero
01.12 Slovakia - Bratislava - Randal Club
02.12 Slovakia - Banska Bystrica - Tirish Pub 03.12 Czech Republic - Slavonice - Kawarna
04.12 Germany - Bitterfeld - Festung
05.12 Germany - Berlin - Blackland

* DIABOLICAL headlining

2010.10.01 Two additional shows confirmed (Germany)

DIABOLICAL are confirmed to headline Ear Terror festival in Emden, Germany, November 13.

We also added an additional gig to the schedule, November 12 in Greifswald @ Klex (w/ KATHAARSYS a.o.).

2010.09.27 European tour updates

Updates in the routing for the upcoming Black Steel Worship Tour:

- 28.11 will take place in Brescia and nowhere else.
- 05.12 has moved from Greifswald to Berlin.

2010.09.24 European Tour announced

We are proud to announce that DIABOLICAL will tour Europe together with URN and INTERMENT, 24.11.-05.12.2010. The tour will include gigs in Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

See all the dates [HERE]

2010.09.18 New photos

New press photos with the full line-up available at the website, myspace etc.

Click [HERE] to check them out.

2010.09.15 Linköping-spelningen uppskjuten

Spelningen 25 september i Linköping har blivit uppskjuten till ett ännu så länge obekräftat datum. Anledningen till att spelningen flyttas är att arrangören, enligt vad vi fått höra, gjort förluster på div arrangemang tidigare i sommar, och valde att dra sig ur pga detta. Men vi planerar köra på ett annat datum senare i höst med en annan arrangör.

2010.08.30 New bass player, upcoming shows

As some people probably noticed DIABOLICAL has a new member taking care of the bass duties since some time back - the legendary Dan Darforth. He played with the band on various gigs last year, and has been a permanent member since then.

Two shows are confirmed for the autumn;

Linköping Konsert och Kongress. 25 September.


Festung, Bitterfeld [DE]. 2010.12.04.

[det är inte mitt blod]

2010.07.31 Concert Confirmed

We are happy to announce that Diabolical will be seen live in Linköping at Konsert & Kongress on 2010.09.25. Other acts included are ViciSolum-relatives Havok and Los Sin Nombre. Tickets can be purchased through [Ticnet]. We'll se you on the frontline for some mosh and mayhem!

2010.03.24 Diabolical on Facebook

Diabolical now has a Facebookpage. Browse and join through the link below! [Diabolical at Facebook]

2009.07.01 Diabolical show at Devilstone Open Air

Diabolical will play at Devilstone Open Air in Lithuania on the 18th of July. This will be our first live show in Lithuania, so naturally we look forward to this with great anticipation. See you all at the front row! Pepp!

2009.04.22 Eastern Extinction Tour

Diabolical are touring Romania and Turkey in May, in connection with the release of "The Gallery of Bleeding Art" in the areas. There are different local (sometimes not so local) bands supporting each night. In Bucharest and Cluj Napoca Diabolical are supporting Vital Remains (US).

2009.03.01 Diabolical European Tour

Diabolical will tour Europe in March 2009 together with Withershin and Degradead. The tour will go through Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium, Holland and Austria.
Check out the tour dates [HERE].
Check out the tour poster [HERE]

2009.01.01 Reviews

Overall reactions for The Gallery of Bleeding Art has been far beyond expected. Some reviews are listed below. Maybe we'll have time to collect some more soon.

We're looking back on a great year and probably an even better to come.

[Sweden Metal] [9/10]
[Metal Review] [5.5/6]
[Teeth of the Divine]
[Dagbladet] [4/5]
[Spirit of Metal]
[Psychozine] [4.5/5]
[Zero Magazine] [8/10]

2008.11.01 New song online

The song "Pavor Nocturnus" from our new album "The Gallery of Bleeding Art" is now available for your enjoyment. Listen or download [HERE].

2008.09.18 The Gallery of Bleeding Art release

Finally, the stars are right and the new Diabolical album is about to be released. "The Gallery of Bleeding Art" will hit the stores on the 7th of November.

You can pre-order our third album on the folowing sites:

[Ginza] if you are Swedish.
[PayPal] if you reside somwhere else in the world.
The album can also be found at [CDON].

Album track list:

I. Caedes Profana
II. The Gallery of Bleeding Art
III. Extinction
IV. Pavor Nocturnus
V. Vertigo
VI. The One Who Bleeds
VII. Religionism
VIII. Ashes IV

"The Gallery of Bleeding Art" will be released worldwide through Vici Solum Productions.

2008.09.17 New website launched!

Welcome to the new and improved version of It was about time that our website got a face lift. We thought we'd celebrate this by giving you a free peek at the new album, check out the left part of the screen and you'll find a track from our upcoming album. The track is called Extinction - enjoy!

2008.03.22. The Gallery of Bleeding Art

We have decided to release the album now. There are many reasons why we have waited to do this. We'll take time to explain this soon. Anyway, now it's time, and we will inform you about the details hopefully within a couple of weeks.

2008.03.21. Booking

After too long off the road, we are preparing for some shows again. We are considering all options right now, and concert organizers shouldn't hesitate getting in touch. During the past year(s) we have turned down a lot of offers coming from concert- and tour organizers, for many reasons not worth mentioning here, but this is about to change now.